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Welcome to the Capital in Western Japan, Yamaguchi

Surrounded by deep green mountains, the Five-story Pagoda of Joruri-ji Temple (National Treasure) proudly displays its beautiful Hiwada-buki roof made with cypress bark. Fallen petals of cherry blossoms flow along the serene stream of the Ichinosaka River in spring and fireflies flutter on summer evenings. Once, Yamaguchi used to be called “The Capital in Western Japan” where its own Ouchi Culture flourished, as if competing with that of Kyoto. The seasonal and historical attractions of Yamaguchi still lie waiting in this beautiful city.

Sightseeing Highlights in Yamaguchi

Five-story Pagoda of Joruri-ji Temple (National Treasure)

This National Treasure is the largest relic of the time of the Ouchi Clan.

Access 10-min. by car from JR Yamaguchi Station

Yamaguchi Xavier Memorial Church

Restoed in 1998 commemorating the 400th anniversary since Francis Xavier, a missionary from Spain, brought Christianity to this area.

Access About a 20-min. walk from JR Yamaguchi Station

Joei-ji Temple Sesshu Garden

The samurai governor, Masahiro Ouchi, had a master of Japanese ink painting, Sesshu, design this garden. National Scenic Beauty Spot.

Access A 5-min. drive from JR Miyano Station

Ryufuku-ji Temple (Old Site of the Ouchi Family Residence)

A temple where the graveyard of Yoshitaka Ouchi is located. The Ouchi Family resided in this house for 200 years and ruled over the area.

Access About a 5-min. drive from JR Yamaguchi Station

Yuda Onsen Hot Spring

Claimed to be the best onsen hot spring in the Sanyo region with the Byakko (white fox) legend. There are six free foot baths in the area.

Access About a 7-min. walk from JR Yuda Onsen Station

Chogen-no Sato Village

Recreating the former scenery of the early 20th century in Japan. Seasonal flowers welcome people and visitors can try traditional craft experiences.

Access 30-min. by bus from JR Bofu Station


A small hut in which a Japanese poet, Santoka Taneda, lived is recreated at the same location.

Access About a 10-min. drive from JR Shin Yamaguchi Station

Yamaguchi Prefecture Kiarara Beach Natural Park

People can enjoy observing a variety of wildlife such as the wild birds living around the Kirara Beach and migrant birds in the pleasant environment.

Access About a 7-min. drive from JR Ajisu Station

Important Annual Events in Yamaguchi

Yuda Onsen Byakko Festival

Early April
Yuda Onsen Hot Spring Area

Byakko (legendary white fox) parade, Baykko torch procession and many other events will be held for two days.

Firefly Watching WEEK!

June 1 - 7
Along the Ichinosaka River

Enjoy watching wild Genji-botaru fireflies (National Natural Monument) around Ichinosaka River.

Yamaguchi Gion Festival

July 20-27
Yasaka Shrine and shopping streets in the neighborhood

On the 20th, Sagi-mai Dance (Prefecture’s Intangible Folk Culture property) will be performed for the deity. Mikoshi portable shrine will be carried by half-naked men.

Yamaguchi Tanabata Lantern Festival

August 6 & 7
Main Shopping Streets (Park Road, etc.) in the city

Over 10,000 red lanterns will be set along the shopping streets to create a mysterious world. Mikoshi portable shrines and a procession will parade around the area.

Aio Eighty-eight Odaishi Pilgrimage

Mid-April to early May
Aio, Yamaguchi City

Local people welcome visitors on March 20 and 21 (in the lunar calendar) which is the death anniversary of Kobo Daishi. Many people visit the town on the Ohenro pilgrimage.

Yamaguchi Tenjin Festival

November 23
Furukuma Shrine and main shopping streets in the city

Hanamiko maiden procession and Yakko Gyoretsu parade will go around the city. The Sonaetate Procession which recreates the alternate attendance by a daimyo in Edo (present-day Tokyo) will join too.

Aio Shrimp Catching World Competition

Late August – early September
Aio Chudo Beach

Large shrimps are released on the beach and people compete to catch as many as possible.

Japanese Christmas Begins from Yamaguchi

December 1 - 31
Main shopping streets in the city

Yamaguchi is said to be the place where the celebration of Christmas first started in Japan. A variety of Christmas events will be held around the city.

Traditional Crafts of Yamaguchi

Ouchi Lacquer

During the time the Ouchi Family ruled the region, Ouchi Lacquer was one of the most valued items in the trading with the Ming Dynasty in China. Lacquer is used for dolls, trays and flower vases.

Yamaguchi Hagi-yaki Ceramic

Very simple in form and color, with almost no decoration, Hagi-yaki ceramics are loved by many people as they change color after being used for a number of years.

Food & Specialties of Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi Uiro

Uiro is a jelly-like sweet made from warabi bracken starch. It is a well-known local specialty from Yamaguchi.

Kuroma Ebi Shrimp

Aio is the place where the cultivation of Kuruma Ebi shrimp began. Now, the advanced cultivation technology makes it possible to enjoy tasty shrimps throughout the year.

Ato Beef

Cattle are raised freely and can relax on this vast farm. Their meat is very tender and savory.


Tasty apples grown in ample sunlight on the apple farm in Tokusa (about 15,000 trees).

Yamaguchi Station on JR Yamaguchi Line
Yamaguchi Tourism Convention Association
TEL:083-933-0088 / FAX:083-933-0089

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