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Murata, a Little Kyoto in Miyagi in Northern Japan

In olden times, Murata flourished as an important merchant town on the old highway connecting Yamagata and Sendai in northern Japan. Still today, a number of historical remains such as massive merchant houses and gates welcome visitors. Yamagata is the most famous production area of safflower; however, the southern region of Miyagi Prefecture also has produced beautiful safflowers since the Edo period. Carefully grown safflowers were collected by the merchants in Murata and were transported to Kansai (western Japan) and Edo (Tokyo). Gorgeous houses established by many merchants who made their fortune from the safflower business in those days will impress visitors. Another local highlight is a group of massive trees in Shiratori Shrine and Ryuto-in Temple. Visit Murata, a town of seasonal beauty and a historical townscape.

Sightseeing Highlights in Murata

Ryuto-in Temple

The stroll style garden with a large pond and a three-story high water fall is outstanding. Azaleas and rhododendron blossoms are beautiful in spring.

Access A 2-min. drive from Murata I.C. on the Tohoku Highway

Murata History & Future Museum

A museum introducing the history and culture of Murata. A variety of exhibitions will be held.

Access 1-min. drive from Murata I.C. on the Tohoku Highway

Shiratori Shrine

The site of a group of massive trees, said to be approx. 1000 years old.

Access A 2-min. drive from Murata I.C. on the Tohoku Highway

Furusato Otogi-en

There is a farmer’s market in the facility where visitors can enjoy fresh soba buckwheat noodles using buckwheat harvested on the local farms.

Access A 10-min. drive from Murata I.C. on the Tohoku Highway

Sports Land SUGO

A variety of racecourses, including an international course, for car and motorbike races.

Access A 10-min. drive from Murata I.C. on the Tohoku Highway

Michi-no-Eki Murata

A fun local farmer’s market full of fresh vegetables, fruits, and local specialties of Murata. Tasty broad bean dishes are served in the restaurant.

Access 1-min. drive from Murata I.C. on the Tohoku Highway

Important Annual Events in Murata

Munetaka Date Firework Festival

August 17
Ryuto-in Temple

Munetaka Date (the 7th son of Masamune Date) was a samurai who is still remembered as a ruler of virtue today. A firework festival is held on August 17th, the day he passed away.

Murata Hotei Festival

Central area of Murata

Gorgeous floats carrying a puppet figure of Hotei, one of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune, is paraded around the town with traditional festive music played by whistles.

Murata Kura Pottery Market

Area of Kura storage

About 80 potters from around Miyagi and neighboring regions gather to display and sell their works in the historical storage houses of the merchants’ residences.

Food & Specialties of Murata

Broad Bean

Murata is one of the main producers in Japan of broad bean (Sora-mame). June is the season of broad bean and when the Sora-mame Festival is held. Freshly harvested broad beans are available at the Michi-no-Eki Murata farmer’s market.

Broad Bean Items

Broad bean is one of the main specialties of Murata and there are many kinds of items using broad beans such as broad bean rice noodles, broad bean udon noodles, broad bean flavor ice cream, and many others.

Corn “Mirai”

“Mirai” is an extremely sweet corn which is also called “Fruit Corn.” It can be eaten even freshly picked. August is the best month to enjoy Mirai at its best.

Ogawara Station on JR Tohoku Main Line. 20 minutes by Miyagi Kotsu Bus bound for Murata and Kawasaki
About 30 minutes by the Miyako Bus Sendai & Zaocho Line from JR JR Tohoku Shinkansen Sendai Station
Local Promotion Section, Murata Town Hall
TEL:0224-83-2113 / FAX:0224-83-5740

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