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Lights of Fireflies Fluttering Around Pure Stream and Flowers

As the name of the town suggests, “Ogi” literally means a “small castle,” as there used to be a magnificent castle in this region which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. However, strolling around the city will remind people of the olden days. The town was developed following the layout and design of Kyoto in those days. Come and see Ogi’s pure stream and the fireflies who make it their home along with the beautiful flowers that entertain people in every season. Ogi always welcome everyone with its simple yet lovely natural environment.

Sightseeing Highlights in Ogi

Kiyomizu Waterfall

This waterfall, 13 meters in width and 75 meters high, was selected as one of the 100 Best Waterfalls in Japan.

Access A 15-min. by taxi from JR Ogi Station

Ogi Park

3,000 cherry trees reach their best blooming time in late March to early April. The park has been selected as one of the 100 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites and Historical Parks in Japan.

Access A 5-min. walk from JR Ogi Station

Rice Terraces in Eriyama

In late September, the vivid red of spider lilies surround the rice terraces. One of the 100 Best Idyllic Scenery Sites and Rice Terraces in Japan.

Access A 20-min. by taxi from JR Ogi Station

Fireflies on Gion River

Late May to early June is the time for watching the superb dance of fireflies on the Gion River. One of the 100 Best Villages with Idyllic and Natural Scenery in Japan.

Access An 8-min. by taxi from JR Ogi Station

Important Annual Events in Ogi

Plum Festival

Early March
Ushio Plum Grove

A festival is held during the peak plum blossom period. 10,000 plum trees will welcome and entertain visitors.

Harusame Festival

Early April
Ogi Park, Ogi Community Hall

“Harusame” is a short song composed by the Japanese literature scholar, Hanamori Shibata, who was born in Ogi Town. The elegant dance by geiko with the song as an accompaniment is fascinating.

Yamahiki Gion

Late June
Suga Shrine

A summer festival held by Suga Shrine with a history of over 600 years. Three large floats being pulled around the town is a must-see.

Food & Specialties of Ogi

Ogi Yokan

Yokan is a traditional Japanese sweet. Sweetened red bean paste is shaped into a bar. A simple taste of Japan born from the natural environment of Ogi.

Koi Carp Cuisine in Kiyomizu

Koi carp raised in the cold stream of Ogi are one of the specialties of the area. Full of nutrition, koi cuisine is good for avoiding summer weariness.

Sake from Ogi

Since Ogi is blessed with top quality spring water and rice harvested in Saga Field, sake brewing has been an important local industry since olden times.

“Majenba” Original Dish originating in Ogi

“Majenba” is a new noodle dish born in Ogi and a variety of Majenba are served at many locations throughout the town. One simple rule is that a Majenba must include at least one local specialty from Ogi as a topping. Toppings, noodles and a special sauce are all stirred together in a bowl and enjoyed.

A 10-min. by car from Kubota Station on JR Nagasaki Main Line
Commerce and Tourism Section of Ogi City
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